We all possess the inherent wisdom to overcome any obstacle and lead a good life.








Hi, I'm Maha Lakshmi.

I'm a Certified Integrative Health and Wellness Coach, and a certified Plant-Based Nutrition Counsellor.



My own journey to be free of breathing disorders lead me to a quest on health and helping others.



Work With Me


Working with me you'll get a coach with a friendly disposition who will give you a patient listening, needed guidance, and a subtle nudge to help you build the confidence for shedding off your old ways and embrace new ways.


I will take you from where you are to

where you want to be!


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Due to my profession, I was leading a hectic lifestyle loaded with stress that made me eat more of comfort foods. I became overweight and felt lethargic and a burden to myself.


Fortunately Maha came to my rescue. She coached me into a healthier lifestyle and patiently empowered me with basic nutrition knowledge and I can't recommend her enough for the true passion she brings to her client which will make you want more of her service.


Stock Market Investor

I was a thyroid patient since more than a decade and with my coach Maha's help I slowly changed my diet habits and began to lead an active lifestyle that had helped me do away with my medicines. Now I enjoy my life and feel more lighter and energetic.


What I liked the most in her approach was her empathy on my situation. She helped me understand the things I can do better and also avoid to keep myself unaffected by stress by teaching me some yogic exercises and also breathing techniques to feel instant relief.


Partner at Aditya Enterprises

Being a avid swimmer and marathoner, I had to train extensively and also be energetic thru my day later at work. I felt drained out many times and there was significant mood swings at work which became palpable.  

Maha helped me change my diet pattern and eating habits and guided me gradually towards eating healthy to sustain energy through out the day. This has helped me maintain my moods and increased productivity at work.


Senior Consultant

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